Opposite days: The sheer weirdness of the last few days' news

My kids all went through a phase when they liked to play "It's Opposite Day."  I'm sure many other parents have experienced the same thing.  It seems nearly every day is Opposite Day these days, as news story after news story depicts the exact opposite of what makes sense, and the opposite of what any reasonable adult would expect.  It seems unreal, like parody from the Babylon Bee or the Onion, but it's not that, or fake news; it's real.   It shouldn't be. In Arizona, for example, Muslim students threatened to kill their professor for suggesting that Islam is violent.  Odd tactic.  Are they trying to prove it isn't?  The professor, his children, and even his elderly parents evacuated their homes to seek safety.  Meanwhile, the school wrote his official apology, which he insisted he will never offer, and "monitored" the hundreds of threats to his life...(Read Full Post)
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