Ocasio-Cortez exposes her profound ignorance of the subject she got an honors degree in at Boston University

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the worst kind of ignoramus: one who thinks she is knowledgeable and pontificates on subjects she does not understand. She is becoming a 21st century Congressional version of the 1950’s comedian, “Professor Irwin Corey,” who billed himself as “the world’s foremost authority,” and parodied pompous intellectuals in his improvisational comedy, spouting nonsense.

The problem with Ocasio-Cortez is that she doesn’t understand she is parodying a cum laude of Boston University with a BA in international relations and economics, spouting nonsense about the term “human capital” – a longstanding and common expression in the discipline of economics.



The Economist, a leftist weekly, defines Human capital:

The stuff that enables people to earn a living. Human capital can be increased by investing in education, training and health care. Economists increasingly argue that the accumulation of human as well as physical CAPITAL (plant and machinery) is a crucial ingredient of economic GROWTH, par­ticularly in the NEW ECONOMY(complete definition at the link)

Among other implications, employing the term encourages individuals and employers to think of education and training as something that pays off, an investment, not an expense. It pays off for both, though of course when an employee leaves a job, the human capital belongs to him or her. It is wealth belonging to individuals!

I doubt Ocasio-Cortez is interested in discovering her error and learning anything from it.  And the academic left, which prides itself on being smarter than the rest of us, will not utter a peep about this embarrassing know-nothing.

Image credit: Donkey Hotey (cropped)