Obama's 'My Pet Goat' moment

Remember how President George Bush took all that flak from leftists as the flames of 9/11 destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon?  It happened as he was by chance reading a story to schoolchildren called "My Pet Goat."  He finished the story as the bad news was whispered into his ear, so as not to panic the children.

Now it's President Obama's turn, but it's a lot less innocent.

Just as unprecedented scandal over the weaponization of government is flaming out and licking ever closer to Obama, Obama and his wife Michelle decided to read kids a story, and pontificate a little, in a bid to crank up the awww factor:

According to the Daily Mail:

'Welcome to Live from the Library,' he says. 'Today we thought we'd read you a story.'

'I remember my first trip to the library and how important I felt,' Michelle adds, as an old photo of her and her brother Craig appears on the screen.

'It was around age four. My library card was a key that unlocked a world of knowledge and experiences.'

'Public libraries are essential institutions and thats why we're bring a new branch of the Chicago Public Library to the Obama Presidential Center on the South Side,' Barack adds.

This is pretty ridiculous, given the hugeness of the scandal engulfing him.  Instead of hiding or fighting, he's out to change the narrative because he thinks you're stupid.

Bush, at least, had the mitigating factor of not knowing that the catastrophe was going to take place.  Obama, on the other hand, seems to know very well that #ObamaGate is trending, and word is getting out about how he weaponized government to spy on and destroy an incoming administration.  Instead of hide, he's going for an image makeover as Mr. Marvelous.  He's using this heartstring-tugger as his means of deflecting attention from his emerging role in the scandal.  After all, he has never been interested in playing Mr. Rogers for us until now.

It's nothing but a bid to spin a new narrative now that the uglier one is getting harder to avoid.  Obama's out trying to deflect attention from the scandal of his spying on political opponents for political gain and hope we'll all think of him instead as #GirlDad.

It's part and parcel of how he operates.  When news starts making him look unavoidably like a creep, it's time to play Family Man and go out entertaining the kids.

Sound fake?  It does to us.

Image credit: YouTube screen shot.

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