NYC cop union head demands an end to enforcing social distancing

The utter insanity of releasing criminals from jails to reduce the spread of the Wuhan virus while arresting those who fail to observe social distancing recommendations is self-evident to the cops on the street who must carry out the policies.  Over the weekend, video of New York cops violently arresting someone over social distancing went viral, making it obvious that the very act of enforcing social distancing violates social distancing, exposing cops and citizens both to danger, as the cropped screen grabs below show:

Patrick J. Lynch, the head of the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York, a labor union, is calling for the end of this policy and predicting that "the city will fall apart" if police officers are not "allowed to focus on our core public safety mission."

Lynch diplomatically didn't mention Mayor de Blasio, probably because any policy change would have to have his sign-off.

The madness is not restricted to Gotham.  Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, who exempted herself from the ban on haircuts because she's so important, is also threatening to have police officers arrest those who have house parties.

This is an issue of social class as much as public health.  Big-city mayors and media elites live sheltered lives and have little to fear from violent criminals released from jail or from police officers arresting them for being five and half feet from someone else while on the street.  But rank-and-file police are stuck at the business end of the insanity and want it to end.

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