No, we are not 'at war' with an 'invisible enemy'

With respect to the coronavirus, President Trump often says "we're at war with an invisible enemy."  The message is wrong, inaccurate, histrionic, and disrespectful to our veterans, and it validates the lefts narrative. First and foremost, you go to war to protect and defend your nation.  But the severe mitigation measures put in place are destroying our nation. And when our military do go to war, they put their lives on the line to defend America, American values, freedom, and civilization itself.  While people are dying from the coronavirus, they have not put their lives on the line to defend America.  They died because they succumbed to a novel virus, just as people die every day from all manner of infection, disease, or injury.  To call this a war is an insult to our military, who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. In addition, using the word "war"...(Read Full Post)
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