Murder soars in Chicago; cops focus on raiding black church services for distancing violations

The coronavirus crisis is dying down, and the murder rate is back in solid blue Chicago, but that hasn't stopped city officials from enforcing their "priorities."

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Sunday launched a police raid on a predominately black church for holding services in defiance of her coronavirus shutdown orders.

Lightfoot allegedly dispatched three marked squad cars and two unmarked police vehicles full of officers to Chicago Cornerstone Baptist Church in the South Side's Woodlawn neighborhood.

Cornerstone Pastor Courtney Lewis was in the middle of his sermon when he heard loud banging on the church's front doors. After discovering it was the police, he instructed the men of the church to lock the door and deny the officers entry, Todd Starnes reported.

Lewis said he felt as if he was confronting "the Soviet-style KGB" as they continued banging on the door and demanding the church be shut down.

This is pretty revolting just in itself — after all, hadn't the ruling leftists in Chicago made a big stink about churches being sanctuaries from jackbooted federal government thugs in the matter of allowing illegal aliens to thumb their nose at the law with impunity?  Suddenly, they're not sanctuaries.  And suddenly, the left's hypocrisy is showing.  Silvio Canto has more about this sudden change of the rules here

But perhaps even more problematic is the blue city's disgusting ordering of priorities.  According to local station WGN-TV 9:

CHICAGO — COVID-19, stay-at-home orders and severe weather have not been enough to keep people inside and gun violence down.

A shooting early Monday injured a 15-year-old girl. Police said she was grazed in the leg while standing on a porch in the 12000 block of South Wallace Street. It's among the latest shootings that's turned the Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago into one of the deadliest in recent years. At least nine people have been killed and 36 shot.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Saturday was the deadliest day in Chicago with five people killed and 17 wounded.

The murder and mayhem are back bigger than ever in already lawless Chicago, and the city government has decided to attack churches for social distancing violations.  And they're doing it not as a matter of any real danger to the public — the curve had flattened long ago — but to demonstrate their power and compel obeisance.

Killers, fine.  Church services, no.  And here we have a city that wonders why its killers think they can get away with anything they like.

It's obvious because now the muscle of law enforcement is directed at churches, whose congregations are defying coronavirus lockdown orders, instead of actual killers.  This Chicago idiocy goes California one better in its practice of letting killers and career criminals out on the streets before their terms end in order to stop them from getting COVID-19, while arresting and hauling off surfers and skateboarders to jail for social distancing violations instead.  What's wrong with this picture?

It is indeed a bad look for Democrats in itself, but it's actually a latently explosive one because the targets of the raids are black-majority churches, not white ones.  That's a really bad look for Democrats, who are seeking to rally the black vote yet also are targeting the heart of the African-American community in their highly cherished churches.

Black Democrats already have a host of reasons to walk away from the Democrats and join the Republicans as it is — just ask Kanye West or Candace Owens.  The incident earlier this week with Joe Biden telling black people they must vote for him or they'll lose their identities and become social pariahs is another reason why Democrats are walking away from Biden.  The church raids, singling out black churches, have got to be a last straw.  Churches are places to congregate, and the Chicago cops are getting out their truncheons and handcuffs to make sure black churches don't congregate.  Already black radio hosts are thundering against this lunacy.

Look for President Trump to draw even more black supporters to his side after this stupid maneuver.  Attacking black churches can only spell trouble for the Democrats, who have prioritized this hypocrisy against all common sense.

Image credit: YouTube screen shot.