MSM pretending Dem pols unmasking Flynn is no big deal, not even worth mentioning

The biggest political scandal in the history of the Republic is finally being exposed, and the dominant corporate media are pretending nothing usual is going on.  The unmasking of the unmaskers of General Flynn's telephone call is the camel's nose under the tent of the Obama administration's conspiracy to sabotage the incoming Trump administration, using the vast resources of the federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies using Deep State operatives within them.

According to the Media Research Center, the broadcast television networks, still the largest source of news for the American public, virtually deep-sixed news of the exposure of the names of those spying on the incoming Trump administration.  ABC's and NBC's evening news broadcasts totally ignored the story, while CBS slanted its coverage (emphasis added):

While Wednesday's CBS Evening News was the only broadcast network to mention that Lieutenant General Michael Flynn's unmaskers had been exposed after two Republican senators released the evidence, anti-Trump White House correspondent Paula Reid downplayed the significance of the three-page list of names. She also stepped up to defend presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, whose name appeared on the list most recently.

CBS tucked the latest Flynn case revelation into a one-minute brief following a coronavirus report very critical of President Trump. "Well, Margaret, unmasking is when a senior government official requests to know the identity of the U.S. citizen in an intelligence report. It's something that happens thousands of times a year," Reid declared to downplay the significance of what was exposed.

Sorry, Ms. Reid: political appointees spying on their incoming successor's administration with only a few days left in office does not happen "thousands of times a year."

I realize that many readers are by now convinced that nothing will happen as a result of this latest scandal to come to light, but I disagree.  The reason is simple: the leak of the phone call to David Ignatius of the Washington Post was a felony, and thanks to Ric Grenell's declassification, the federal prosecutors now have a finite list of suspects to question, and then they can seek warrants for their electronic communications (such as phone calls to Ignatius) — with the same criminal penalties for lying to federal investigators that resulted in a 5-year prison sentence for General Fynn's coerced "confession."  Moreover, unmasking for political, not intelligence purposes is also a crime.  What intelligence purpose justified Joe Biden's unmasking?  Or that of Obama's ambassador to Italy, where George Papadopoulos was being pursued?

These are questions that investigators for the Durham probe can legitimately demand answers to.

Given the number of people who have lied under oath already as part of this cover-up, I have little doubt that there will be indictments.  Those who are facing criminal prosecution will start to sing.

It's one thing to ignore this unmasking.  But indictments and guilty verdicts or pleas cannot be bottled up.  Not with the internet in place.

As this gigantic, historic scandal is prosecuted, the world will see which media outlets were covering up, not covering it.

Photo credit: Defense Intelligence Agency.

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