More news emerges about the FBI's and CIA's illegal war against Trump

I have an embarrassing fondness for romance novels, so I know the genres.  For decades, one popular genre has had FBI agents as lead characters, whether male or female.  In a romance novel, being an FBI agent is shorthand for being intelligent, courageous, and upright.

With the latest revelations about the FBI's war against Donald Trump, it's unlikely that any conservative will ever again want to read a romance novel with an FBI hero or heroine.  And while CIA agents and DOJ lawyers were never that popular as romantic leads, any romance showcasing them will probably head for the circular file, too.

Writing at the Federalist, Margot Cleveland summarizes how recently released documents show that the FBI and DOJ, both during and after Obama's presidency, went after Michael Flynn, who had honorably served his country for 33 years.  The documents expose the machinations behind forcing Flynn to plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit.

The FBI's and DOJ's conduct included, but isn't limited to, plotting how to catch Flynn in a lie, blindsiding him at the White House, hiding from him the transcript of his call with the Russian ambassador, trying to sneak into the conversation notice to Flynn that lying to the FBI is a felony, illegally changing the interview notes, threatening Flynn's son to get him to plead guilty and then hiding that fact from the court, and withholding exculpatory documents.

Kurt Schlichter highlights that this reprehensible behavior continued with Robert Mueller and his posse:

And let's not forget the crimes of the Mueller gang, that team of consummate pros that we were dutifully informed by the rump-bussing media was made up of the bestest and the brightest of American law enforcement. It was not bad enough that they threatened to prosecute of LTG Flynn's son on false charges to coerce a guilty plea and cooperation again Trump, et. al. No, they then hid the fact that they made this promise to LTG Flynn by not putting it in the plea agreement as mandated by law. That way, as honest ex-prosecutor Andrew McCarthy figured out, they ensured that when they put LTG Flynn up to testify against a someone from Trumpworld, maybe even the president himself, the jury would never know the real reason LTG Flynn pleaded guilty — that he was forced to protect his family from false charges. They did this intending to lie to future juries.

The CIA was dirty, too.  While Obama was still president, John Brennan shut down an Intelligence Community report concluding (based on evidence obvious to a child) that Hillary Clinton was Putin's preferred candidate:

The report states that Brennan overruled agency analysts who wanted to include strong intelligence in the assessment to show that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election, Fleitz says, citing conversations with House Intelligence Committee staffers. Brennan had also rejected analysts who wanted to strike weak intelligence from the report which suggested that Russia favored Trump, Fleitz said.

"So Brennan actually slanted this analysis, choosing anti-Trump intelligence and excluding anti-Clinton intelligence," Fleitz told The Epoch Times.

But wait!  There's more!  Just a few days ago, James Baker, the FBI's former general counsel, admitted that the FBI didn't indict Hillary Clinton for her serious national security violations only because the Fibbies thought (hoped?) she'd win:

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was not indicted when she mishandled classified information because the FBI believe she was going to win the 2016 presidential election.

That's a bombshell admission from former FBI General Counsel James Baker, who revealed that the FBI had enough evidence to charge and convict Clinton but decided not to charge her.

We know that in these agencies — the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA — there are honorable men and women who take seriously their obligation to serve America.  What's becoming clear is that these good people are working for irremediably corrupt organizations that consider themselves a permanent shadow government.  As such, they are unconstrained by the Constitution, laws, regulations, and ordinary morality.

Trump needs to clean out these Augean stables, and he needs to do it fast.  Thankfully, with the accelerating pace of John Durham's investigation, there's hope that the coming summer will finally see at least a little justice done.

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