Media ditch their old obsession with testing to attack Trump for bragging about success in meeting their demands

For several weeks, the media hounded President Trump about testing, often citing the large-scale testing operation South Korea had in place, wondering why we were so far behind.  (See here at the 1-min mark, here, and here for a small sampling.)

Recently, as we've ramped up testing, Trump is letting it be known that the United States is doing more testing than any country in the world — in fact, more than all other countries combined.  Right on cue, the media now badger him about why he's being competitive about it, as in "Why should it matter if we're doing more than anyone else?"

During Monday's press conference, a CBS News "reporter" asked Trump why he keeps talking about how the United States is doing more testing than any other country, while suggesting it's inappropriate for him to speak of such things, given the fact that Americans are dying from the virus.

So, after making the testing issue competitive, the press now cries foul.  As our testing capacity and accomplishments have now eclipsed South Korea and elsewhere, suddenly it's inappropriate to point this out.

But it didn't stop there.  (It never does.)

Trump told the reporter, Weijia Jiang, she should ask China about all the deaths, and now the media are pouncing on him, crying (wait for it), "Racism!!!"  CNN is making this bogus claim because the reporter was born in China.  (The "reporter" also suggested Trump was singling her out and responded as he did because she's originally from China.)

Then CNN's Brian Stelter, in his usual hysterical manner, with Wolf Blitzer looking on with his look-how-serious-my-face-is face, took it one step farther and accused Trump of routinely targeting women and people of color at pressers.

The beauty of Trump is that he will smack down nonsense no matter who dishes it out.  In this way, he's very anti-discriminatory, because he doesn't care if you're black, white, male, female, etc.  He will unapologetically call out the media when they serve up crap.

But as long as people want to play the victim card, they will forever be victims — not because Trump treated them that way, but because they live that way in their heads.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.