Maybe next time, Twitter can use congenital liars named Schiff, Rice or the Clintons to fact check Trump

Twitter used the leftist Washington Post and CNN to call Trump a liar when he truthfully says that vote by mail schemes and ballot harvesting can lead to voter fraud. Did Twitter ever block the tweets where their fact checker called people in the Trump administration Nazis or point out that those were lies? It does not appear they care about any lies said about Trump.  Who checks Twitter's POTUS fact-checker? Biased head of Twitter's 'Site Integrity' has previously called the President 'a racist tangerine', the administration 'Nazis' and compared Kellyanne to Joseph Goebbels Twitter, CNN and Washington Post all know that voting by mail and ballot harvesting can easily lead to fraud, yet they call Trump a liar for telling the truth.  How Ballot-Harvesting Became The New Way To Steal An Election With ballot-harvesting, paper votes are collected by intermediaries who deliver them to polling officials, presumably increasing...(Read Full Post)
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