Lopez-Obrador just gave Trump a big issue to run on

On Tuesday night, I spoke with Allan Wall, who writes often about U.S.-Mexico issues.  Like me, Allan was a bit surprised that President López-Obrador opened this case so many years later.

In fact, the Mexican president sent a diplomatic note to the U.S. embassy in Mexico City.

This is from Mexico News Daily:

Referring to the details of the diplomatic note in a video message, Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that if the United States government executed the gun-running scheme without the knowledge of Mexican officials, it violated Mexico’s sovereignty.

On the other hand, if the government led by Calderón did know about the “fast and furious” scheme, that administration committed “serious violations” against the constitution, Ebrard said, because former Mexican officials denied knowledge of it in statements made to Congress and society.

Let's remember that the "scheme" happened in 2010–11 or during President Felipe Calderón (2006–12)'s term.

Let's add that Mr. Calderón defeated Mr. López-Obrador in a controversial election decided by 244,000 out of 39 million votes.

As many in Mexico say, the feud between López-Obrador and Calderón is personal.  In other words, he believes that the 2006 election was stolen.

It appears that President López-Obrador wants to go after President Calderón and blame him for the weapons that ended up in Mexico.

Up here, President Trump has a great opportunity to cooperate with Mexico and call on former V.P. Biden to explain what "Fast and Furious" was all about.

My guess is that Biden was not involved.  I think that this was Attorney General Eric Holder's fumble, but it won't hurt to ask Biden about it.

Politics aside, I would like to know what happened.  How did 2,000 lethal weapons end up in the hands of cartels?  How did this happen?

President Trump should put his administration on record that the U.S. will cooperate and express his regrets to the victims in Mexico.

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