The new leftist narrative: The Wuhan virus will help sustainability

With the "we're all going to die" panic having has run its course, there's a new idea trending on the left.  According to progressives, the Wuhan virus is a blessing in disguise because it will push us even farther toward the sustainability that found its highest expression in the Democrats' Green New Deal.  The reality, though, is that the Wuhan virus has exposed the terrible problems with leftist environmental initiatives. Two recent viral videos illustrate how progressives are now spinning the Wuhan virus as a blessing in disguise.  To understand these videos, you have to appreciate that leftist social media accounts have been awash in stories and videos about the way in which the complete shutdown of the world's economy has lessened air pollution and returned animals to cities.  Here are just a few examples: Satellite images: Air pollution in India plummets 🛰 These satellite images over northern...(Read Full Post)
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