Leftist tyranny to combat the Wuhan Virus is, in part, a failure of imagination

Today brought two more examples of the leftists' totalitarian approach to the Wuhan (or New York) virus.  These reports, like so many others, reveal that leftists are so obsessed by the perceived dangers before them that they cannot respond to greater, as yet unseen risks. Los Angeles County, having experienced 1,613 probable virus deaths out of a total population of around 10,000,000 people (meaning that 0.016% of the population died from the virus), has announced that it will keep the county locked down for three more months. Meanwhile, the Colorado government snatched the license from a restaurant that violated an executive order by opening for Mother's Day. In light of these stories, Kevin James's latest video, while played for laughs, suddenly doesn't seem so funny anymore: Leftist governments have decided that their overriding goal is to prevent all future virus deaths.  They don't care that the...(Read Full Post)
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