LeBron James learned nothing from being duped by Trayvon Martin hoax

Ironically, LeBron James, a superstar basketball player, keeps getting "played."  The Urban Dictionary defines "played" as "being made a fool of."  LeBron James is once again the fool.  After humiliating himself in his defense of China, James has rushed to judgment on the Georgia shooting of Ahmaud Arbery.  "Can't even go for a damn jog...are you kidding me?"  He tweeted, "We're literally hunted every day." I will refrain from commenting on the Arbery case until all the facts are known, but I can say with complete confidence that LeBron's generalization is incendiary and outrageous. For LeBron James, being played by the media is nothing new.  Back in 2012, James got played in the Trayvon Martin case, big time.  LeBron James, the fool, wrote messages on his sneakers: "We want justice" and "RIP Trayvon Martin." As I detailed in...(Read Full Post)
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