Kurt Eichenwald's hypocritical, graphic, and vile rant against Tara Reade

Conservatives first became aware of journalist Kurt Eichenwald when he appeared on Tucker Carlson's show, carrying a literal binder full of Carlson's alleged "falsehoods," only to have Carlson shred him instead.  Three months later, Eichenwald reported that someone who knew about his epilepsy had sent him a tweet with a blind strobe light, which triggered a seizure.  And three months after that, Eichenwald grabbed headlines for being caught viewing Japanese anime octopus tentacle porn.

On Saturday, Eichenwald abandoned the leftist's "believe all women" shtick to tweet out an utterly vile thread asserting that, because Tara Reade's allegations don't match his own experience when he was raped in the early 1980s, she's a "liar" and should "rot in hell."  That tweet would be an ugly nothing were it not for the fact that he had a very different approach to Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford alleged that a man with a sterling reputation had attempted to rape her when both were teenagers.  She had never met him before the incident nor ever saw him again afterward.  She couldn't remember in which year the alleged assault happened, where it happened, who was present, or any surrounding circumstances.  The witnesses she identified all denied knowing anything about it.  A fanatical abortion-supporter, she first mentioned the incident over twenty years later, when Kavanaugh, who she knew had grown up near her, was being bandied about as a potential Supreme Court justice.  Ford's father supported Kavanaugh, not his daughter.

On September 20, 2018, Eichenwald wrote a Twitter thread recounting his own rape, which he viewed as so close to Ford's experience that he knew she was telling the truth.  In the thread, which is too long to repeat here, he says he too couldn't remember anything about the sexual assault or the events surrounding it, and he also was silent about his experience for almost three decades.

Fast-forward eighteen months to Tara Reade.  Reade has alleged that Biden, a man she knew and worked for, sexually assaulted her with his fingers.  Biden routinely fondles women and children in public, was close friends with men who sexually assaulted a waitress, and had a reputation for assaulting women in the Senate building.  She remembers when and where the assault occurred and told at least seven people within two years of the attack.  Her mother's phone call to Larry King in 1993 provides contemporaneous evidence that Reade immediately told people what had happened.

So what does Eichenwald do?  He savagely attacks Reade as a liar.  His Twitter thread is too long, graphic, and offensive to post here, but there are a few salient points to make.  After having said Ford could be forgiven for having no memory of anything because his memories of his rape were a "blur," he suddenly tweets out that he has all sorts of precise memories of everything but the date of his assault.  He accuses Reade of being a Putin puppet and says Reade — a lifelong Democrat — is on a political mission to destroy Biden.

Eichenwald attacks Reade for slowly revealing more details about the assault because she initially said only that Biden touched her in ways that made her feel uncomfortable.  He says Reade's a liar because she remembers now that she limited her employee complaint to a harassment claim.  According to him, even if you don't remember the rape, you remember the police report and, if it was rape, you'd mention that fact.  Lastly, he argues that Reade's continued show of respect for Biden proves she's a liar.

Eichenwald has forgotten Harvey Weinstein's rape trial.  Then, when Weinstein's victims were shown to have downplayed what happened, told different versions of events, or maintained contact with their attacker, the #MeTo/Believe All Women crowd told us this is normal behavior for victims of sexual assault:

A forensic psychiatrist, Barbara Ziv, testified for the prosecution that it is common for victims of a sexual assault to not report the crime to law enforcement and to remain in contact with their attacker. In some cases, Dr. Ziv said, victims worry that their assaulter might ruin their reputation or job. Sometimes the victim maintains a relationship with the perpetrator because they have a connection to the person.

"Those women do not always leave," Dr. Ziv said. "In fact, they frequently do not leave and they stay for a long period of time, and they may think about it but they don't do it."

Also, Eichenwald seems incapable of distinguishing between a rape so violent that there was blood everywhere (his claimed experience) and a truly disgusting, but not violent, sexual assault.  In 1983, a diffident young woman might not have realized that what had happened to her was both criminally and morally different from, and worse than, sexual harassment.

Eichenwald presents as a troubled man with a significant health issue and a severe trauma in his past.  Like his fellow leftists, his principles seem closely aligned with the pursuit of political power.  It is, therefore, unsurprising that he is willing to manipulate the worst experience in his life to achieve a political goal.