James Comey must be prosecuted

Andrew McCarthy, writing in the National Review, outlined the case that the FBI, under the direction of James Comey, working through Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and others, set up General Michael Flynn for a perjury trap. Comey sent Strzok and another agent to entrap General Flynn on January 24, 2017. The reason was to remove General Flynn as Trump's national security adviser because General Flynn, an experienced military and intelligence officer, would have discovered the FBI's investigation of President Trump, titled "Crossfire Hurricane" but otherwise known as the Russia Hoax.

McCarthy answers the question of why to entrap General Flynn to remove him. But the next question is, did Comey act on his own or on orders, explicit or implicit, from his superiors to entrap General Flynn to remove him? In an interview with Nicolle Wallace, Comey bragged that he had sent two FBI agents to question General Flynn.

There are several possibilities.One is that Comey views himself as outside the law, unrestrained by the Constitution and Justice Department protocol, to act in what he believes is the best interest of the USA, including who should be president.

In support of this argument, note that Comey took it upon himself to hold a news conference to absolve Hillary Clinton of any criminal liability for her email scandal. He should have referred his factual findings to the Justice Department for it to decide whether to file criminal charges.Comey was assisted by the ever present Strzok to describe Hillary's conduct as "extremely careless," avoiding the "gross negligence" standard in the statutes applicable.

Next, Comey re-opened the investigation of Hillary on October 27, 2016 because of emails found in Anthony Weiner's computer but dismissed concerns from his staff that the re-opening would help Trump in the election because he had assumed that Hillary would win.

Would he have re-opened the investigation if he hadn't believed that Hillary would win?

Next, after he was fired by President Trump, Comey leaked memos of his conversations with President Trump to prompt the appointment of his friend, Robert Mueller, as special counsel.

In absolving Hillary, entrapping Flynn, and leaking the memo to get Mueller appointed, Comey acted to prevent Trump from winning the election and then to damage Trump's presidency.

Did Comey act on his own as the self-appointed guardian angel of the USA, or did he have direction from superiors in the Obama administration?It is difficult to believe that Comey acted on his own in absolving Hillary, entrapping Flynn, and getting Mueller appointed.Remember the September 2, 2016 text between Stzrok and Page that “…potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”  Neither Potus Obama nor his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, reprimanded Comey for absolving Hillary instead of referring the matter to the Attorney General.

Regardless of whether Comey acted independently or at the direction of Obama, directly or implied, to entrap Flynn, Comey must be prosecuted.He violated the constitutional rights of General Flynn and tried to remove a duly elected U.S. president. He prosecuted and persecuted an innocent man, General Flynn, for political purposes because he believes he knows better than the American voters who elected President Trump.

A prosecution is necessary to get to the truth of whether Comey acted independently or was following explicit or implicit orders.

Moreover, a prosecution is necessary to make it clear that the CIA or the FBI, or any other agency, cannot get involved in the election of the U.S. president or try to remove a U.S. president.

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