In Minneapolis, a political attack aimed at conservatives turns on Democrats

One of the most enjoyable things about the #MeToo movement has been the way that a political movement the left obviously intended to take out Trump and other prominent Republicans instead ended up exposing the gross sexism and outright misogyny of prominent Democrats in the political and media worlds.  One would think there would be the same pleasure in watching how leftists have tried to hurt conservatives in the wake of police shootings, since that effort, too, has looped back to hurt leftists.  There is no joy with this political theater, though, because the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement weaponizes tragic deaths and destroys communities, as is happening now in Minneapolis.  For the most part, police shootings, especially of black men, are statistically rare.  When those shootings do occur, they can arise from corrupt or ineffective law enforcement, self-destructive crime within the black community, or racism — or a combination of...(Read Full Post)
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