In a viral video, a supermarket mob rampages against a woman

On Monday morning, people woke up to a video on Twitter showing masked customers in a Staten Island grocery store screaming obscenities at a woman without a mask and shouting at her to "get out."  It's an alarming video because it shows how quickly people can be turned into human weapons when fear powers them. McAuley Holmes, who identifies himself as someone whose viewpoint comes from the left, found the video on Reddit and posted it on Twitter Sunday night as a curiosity.  By Monday morning, because it had gone viral, he was asking, "Should people engage in this type of social pressure to enforce mask-wearing or social distancing as a community?" Staten Islanders with masks drive out non-mask wearing person in grocery store. #Coronavirus — McAuley (@McauleyHolmes) May 25, 2020 For those of us fortunate enough to live in places without Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, the dynamic...(Read Full Post)
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