If the ocean isn't big enough for social distancing, we're sunk

Beaches and oceans are the next frontier of coronavirus clampdowns.

A lone surfer in Manhattan Beach, California, was cited for defying state orders that all beaches were closed, for a fine of up to $1,000 (here and here).

The police also arrested and fined a surfer in Hawaii who had recently traveled there from New York, because he had not self-quarantined for 14 days upon arrival.  What's additionally concerning about this case is that it appears the surfer was identified because of pictures he posted on social media.  Big Brother is always watching (here).

How would a virus be transmitted here?  (File photo via Pixnio.)

Police on horseback patrolling a beach in Oxnard, California noticed a very elderly couple sitting on collapsible beach chairs far from others and instructed them to sit on the sand or leave the beach (here and here).

Meanwhile, a Miami woman (and former police officer) sat alone on a beach holding a sign, "We are free," to make a statement and challenge authoritarian rule.  The police showed up and physically hauled her off and placed her into the patrol car (here).  (Residents in high-rise apartment buildings across the street cheered her on, but no one came out to join her — a topic for another day.)

A few days ago, New York mayor Bill de Blasio promised to put fences around beaches and threatened to physically remove anyone in the water (here).

On the heels of that, Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf warned against going to the beach because "there are people there who aren't wearing masks and you're putting yourself at risk" (here).

Next stop: Cease all space exploration.  Those rocket ships are awfully cramped, and there's no Walmart on Mars to buy hand sanitizer.

We've lost our collective minds.  This madness must end poste haste (here; language warning near the end).

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