If the media told the truth about COVID-19, the public would feel safe going to work and play

Facts that most of the media will never show because they wouldn't scare people.

  • 1,603 counties (52%) of U.S total have zero deaths
  • 447 Counties (14%) of U.S. Total have one death
  • 443 Counties (14%) of U.S. total have two to five deaths

So 80% of counties have a maximum total of 2,662 deaths and most of the media, along with supposed experts and some Democrat governors are saying keep the economy in depression until we have a vaccine — which may never come.  If the public saw the truthful numbers, people would be glad to lead their free lives again.

The only place I saw this was on Laura Ingraham's show Friday night on Fox News, which most of the media want to shut up.

Why doesn't the rest of the media show these scientific facts since they are all about facts and science?  The answer is the facts don't match the agenda to scare the public.

Over Half of U.S. Counties Have Had No COVID-19 Deaths

As the first chart shows, the 30 counties with the most COVID-19 cases account for 50% of all the cases in the U.S. (and 57% of all deaths). That is, just 1% of the counties in the U.S. are responsible for half of the country's coronavirus cases and more than half of the deaths. 

Of those 30 counties, 24 are in the Northeast corridor between Philadelphia and Boston, the passageway served by a commuter railway system that runs through Manhattan. Overall, just 11% of the counties in the U.S. contain nearly 95% of all the COVID-19 deaths.

Dr. Deborah Birx said "there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust" in a White House coronavirus task force meeting would think that if the beloved expert, Dr. Birx, said CDC numbers couldn't be trusted and they were inflating COVID 19 case rates by 25% and mortality rates that would be a big story on the "factual" news, but you would be hard pressed to find it because the public would not be as scared into submission. 

We also know, from Dr. Birx, that the CDC told hospitals to classify deaths as caused by COVID-19 even if the virus was only remotely the cause.  When have we ever picked a disease of the day to assign deaths to?

Think of the endless coverage this story would get if Trump said truthfully that CDC statistics shouldn't be trusted.  They would call him a liar and say he was anti-science, so why so little coverage when Dr. Birx says it?

The Post reported that Birx and others feared that the CDC's data-tracking system was inflating coronavirus statistics like mortality rates and case numbers by up to 25%.

Birx later told The Post in a statement that "mortality is slowly declining each day."

When Georgia's governor decided to reopen around fifteen days ago, the public was told what a disaster it would be and that people who wanted to reopen were going to cause more people to die.

The results, instead, have been very good, which is why you won't see many media outlets report on them.  It won't scare people enough.

We also never read that states that didn't do the severe shutdowns had results as good as or better than those of the states that did.  Facts just don't matter when the media are pushing talking points.

In January, February, and early March, many media outlets, the WHO, the CDC, Dr. Fauci, many experts, and Democrats were saying COVID wasn't much to worry about.  Trump was called a racist and said to overreact by putting a travel ban on China.  In early March, the CDC and other health experts said masks should not be worn. 

Suddenly, in mid-March, we got garbage modeling numbers, clearly not based on scientific data, that said hundreds of millions in the U.S would get the disease and millions would die.  Then the media immediately began to blame Trump for his slow reaction.

After these junk modeling numbers came out, most governors decided to send the country into depression, instead of asking if the numbers made sense.  Thankfully, some governors kept their heads, which gives us some scientific comparison of results.

Last week, we got more garbage modeling numbers that 3,000 would die a day by the end of the month if we reopened.  The media just repeated these garbage numbers to scare the public.  This week, the think-tank from Washington said 137,000 would die by August if we reopened.  That is pretty good.  Only 57,000 more in 90 days.  That is fewer than 666 per day when the U.S. has 7,000 people die every day, but the reason the media repeat the number without question is to scare the public.

People should remember that the media and other Democrats have sought to destroy the private health care industry for years and they have used this opportunity to prevent elective surgery and other standard care. This has financially devasted hospitals and community care centers throughout the country.

Why did CBS show an Italian hospital in chaos when reporting on New York and Philadelphia unless it was meant to mislead and scare the public?

People should remember that most of the media and other Democrats have sought to destroy the oil industry, airline industry, cruise industry and travel and leisure for years by eliminating the use of oil. They have used this disease as an excuse to implement their strategy. 

The Democrats also use garbage modeling numbers to destroy the oil industry and scare the public over CO2  even though previous modeling numbers have been 100% false.

Why are schools still closed when evidence shows that primary schools that remained open in Sweden were safe? 

For many decades, Democrats have sought to destroy the family and make as many people dependent on government as possible. They want power and socialism gives them power. This disease has given them more power to push their far-left agenda to remake and destroy the U.S. economy. This disease, along with the willing accomplices, has given them a way to push the agenda because the public would never vote for this crap.

I wonder why the term "fake news' has taken hold when so much of what we read are Democrat talking points used to push a leftist agenda? Isn't it time journalists did their job, instead of just repeating what they are told, before the nations finishes off its economic suicide?

Graphic credit: Pxfuel.

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