Horrific video of brutal attacks in a Michigan nursing home emerges

Video has emerged of a young man in Michigan, who has been identified on social media as Jadon Hayden, verbally and physically abusing senior citizens.  As a fair word of warning, should you choose to follow the links provided below, that you cannot unsee this terrible footage. The attacker is a physically imposing man, to say the least.  In one video, he stands in the dark as an elderly woman sleeps and a television is heard in the background.  Videoing himself, he proceeds to punch the frail woman lying on the bed several times.  She does not even cry out, signifying either that such abuse is common for her or that she's incapable of doing so.  There is a twisted irony in the attacker beating this poor woman while incorrectly wearing the face mask that he, ostensibly, put on in order to protect her. The video more commonly shared has been of the same attacker standing over a thin, elderly man lying face down on a...(Read Full Post)
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