Guess who is being blamed for COVID-19 now

China and one fifth of respondents in England agree, according to recent reports.  It's the old reliable, blame 'em for everything group.

That's right:

The Jews!

It was only a matter of time.

Via the Jerusalem Post:

One in five English people believe that Jews created COVID-19 to collapse the economy for financial gain, a newly-released study by a team of researchers at the University of Oxford has revealed.

The finding came as part of a wider survey in attitudes toward the virus and the measures taken to prevent its spread, which found that there was a strong undercurrent of mistrust over official advice on the virus within the public.

Ahem, are these "English people" "people who live in England," a group that includes many Muslims, or, as they euphemize, "Asians"?

I am a bit skeptical about this survey, as it seems to have been seeking conspiracy thinking:

As explained in the paper, the respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with 48 conspiracy statements. Covering topics such as general conspiracy theories about the origin and the spread of the virus and the government's response, the statements were crafted looking at both mainstream and alternative sites.

Presented with the statement "Jews have created the virus to collapse the economy for financial gain," 5.3% of the interviewees "agreed a little," 6.8% "agreed moderately," 4.6% "agreed a lot," and 2.4% "agreed completely," while some 80.8% did not agree with it at all.

On the other hand, there is no ambiguity at all about China.  The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The Chinese embassy in France on Sunday tweeted, and then quickly deleted, an anti-Semitic image portraying the United States and Israel as the grim reaper knocking on Hong Kong's door.

The image, which has been circulating online among anti-Semites for some time, depicts the United States as the grim reaper holding a scythe with Israel's flag. Countries such as Syria, Venezuela, Libya, and Iraq are portrayed as places where America and Israel have caused death and destruction. The picture reads, "Who's next?" in French, with the grim reaper approaching a door with Hong Kong written on it.

That was just a test run.  China is looking for others to blame.

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