Good news: Ric Grenell won't return to Berlin as US ambassador

Having proven himself a gutsy, crafty, fearless warrior able to engage and stare down the worst the Deep State has to offer as acting DNI, bigger things lie ahead for Ric Grenell than a return to his "mere" ambassadorship to the dominant power in Europe.  For almost anyone else, a position like ambassador to Germany could be a career capstone, a high honor, a memory to cherish for one's remaining days.  But for Ric Grenell, it is too small a job to return to. Ross Krasny of Bloomberg reports: Ric Grenell, a favorite of President Donald Trump, confirmed in a tweet on Sunday that he plans to step down as U.S. ambassador to Germany. (snip) "True," Grenell, 53, tweeted Sunday in response to a Politico report that he plans to depart the post in Berlin, where he's been stationed since May 2018. The German news agency DPA reported the news earlier. Grenell has also served since October 2019 as special envoy for peace...(Read Full Post)
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