Footage emerges from Minneapolis of a mob attacking a wheelchair-bound woman

For the past three days, Americans have been watching with shock, horror, and some bemusement the speed with which Minneapolis's Black Lives Matter protests about George Floyd’s death have morphed into a looting frenzy. Stealing things never sates a mob, though. Physical violence usually follows. So it is that one of the most disturbing images from the riots shows a howling mob brutally attacking Jennifer, a woman in a wheelchair, who took it upon herself to defend the entrance to a Target store.

Subsequent information, however, has emerged suggesting that there’s more to the story than first meets the eye. Having said that, though, nothing justifies the brutal attack against Jennifer as she stationed herself outside a door of a Target that Minneapolis rioters were looting:

Now that you’ve watched the video, here are the caveats, none of which excuses the mob, but some of which suggest that Jennifer isn’t quite the innocent she seems. First, there is footage showing that a woman who probably is Jennifer could walk:

Of course, being able to walk doesn’t mean you don’t need to rely heavily on a wheelchair. We’ve all known people who can walk limited distances but who must still use a wheelchair for most of their mobility.

Second, Jennifer’s not old. In footage of her after the event, you can see that she’s probably in her thirties or forties:

Jennifer’s younger age doesn’t excuse what happened to her. It just makes her an ever-so-slightly less sympathetic victim.

Third, it is true that Jennifer had a knife. The blade was about two inches long. You can see her wave it both in the footage showing her walking and in the footage where she’s stationed outside the store. Apparently, she was stabbing people with the knife as they left Target with their stolen goods.

I don’t know the law in Minnesota, but as a general rule, it’s illegal to use lethal force against a property crime when you’re not personally at risk. Of course, both the looters and the surrounding mob could have protected themselves by leaving her (and the Target) alone. Instead, they attacked her with unparalleled ferocity.

Fourth, what Jennifer did was foolhardy. If you’re in a wheelchair, you're asking for trouble if you put yourself between a large corporate enterprise and a looting mob, especially if you're armed with a small knife that inflames their passions rather than protesting you.

With those caveats in mind, what’s fascinating, in an ugly way, is the self-righteousness of the people attacking Jennifer, as well as their Twitter supporters. The mobs’ members are looting a store – that is, engaged in criminal behavior – yet the response to Jennifer’s being attacked is high dudgeon that, despite being handicapped, she is trying to protect against a property crime (with the caveat that her conduct may be illegal). Additionally, many people saw Jennifer as a racial predator, not a victim of the mob:

The “Gypsy Rose” reference is to Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who murdered her Munchausen mother after the latter forced her into a wheelchair for years.

It’s noteworthy that this dudgeon was missing eight months ago when a mob of black men outside a Target store brutally beat a white man whose cell phone they wished to steal:

Likewise, there were no riots when a black man threw a little white boy off a balcony at Minneapolis’s Mall of America, almost killing the child. (Thankfully, the child seems to have recovered well.)

As always, pay attention to the fact that (with apologies to Tom Wolfe), the dark night of racism and income inequality is always descending in America’s conservative heartland and yet lands only in its Democrat-run cities. Leftist policies created this situation because Democrat-run cities have abandoned the rule of law and the free market in favor of policies that see the government try to force economic and racial outcomes.