Fighting Democrat corona-tyranny

Folks, I am a Christian.  But in all honesty, I was so filled with rage that I was tempted to throw a brick through my beloved 60-inch TV.  The source of my extreme anger was another Democrat governor threatening to put a small business–owner out of business permanently for opening his shop and daring to speak publicly against the governor's unconstitutional decrees.

Across America, we are seeing tons of incidents of Democrat governors, mayors, and officials making absurd, unconstitutional restrictions on how citizens in their states must behave.

Leftists strategically try to guilt-trip Christians into believing they should never become angry and should behave like milquetoast wimps who tolerate anything.  The Bible says, "Be angry, but sin not."  The Bible also speaks of "righteous anger."  Seeing tyrants punish and destroy people's lives should make righteous men and women angry.

Along with my seething anger is great frustration.  Constitutional attorneys are all over media, saying these outrageous Democrat decrees are not laws, so we do not have to obey them.  They say you do not have to stay home or close your business.  You are not restricted in your travel.  You are not banned from religious assembly.  A law must be passed by your state legislator.  This has not happened in any of the 50 states. 

All this is well and good.  But in the meantime, pastors, business-owners, and citizens are being fined, arrested, silenced, and jailed.  There is a huge hole in our system of government that allows one person in a state to dictate the fate of millions; applying severe punishment at will, and mandating who can and cannot earn a living.

Steve Walker wept over being forced to permanently close his music store, his dream. 

Yes, I know people are filing lawsuits against out-of-control Democrat tyrants, but in the meantime, lives are being destroyed.  Everyday Americans are super-stressed, depressed, losing everything, and committing suicide.  In six weeks, without a single shot fired, Democrats have transformed several states into police states.  Democrat tyrants say, "Surrender to our dictates or die economically" and in some cases physically.  With furious anger, Democrat tyrants say, "I will cut off your water and power."  Wait a minute.  Weren't all of the Democrats' edicts supposedly about protecting us from a flu virus?  Now they are, in essence, saying surrender to our irrational and unscientific demands, or we will kill you.

Our wise Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment right to bear arms into the Constitution to protect us from out-of-control, unlawful government.  It is interesting that Democrats and fake news media are relentless in their mission to overturn the Second Amendment.  They brand law-abiding gun-owners as paranoid wackos.  And yet, Democrats are using the coronavirus to do exactly what our Founding Fathers predicted might someday happen — a total abandonment of the U.S. Constitution.  No, I am not advocating for an armed revolt.  I am saying Democrats' coronavirus-tyranny is a perfect example of why we must never allow Democrats to take our guns.

Please remember that God is on our side.  He gave us this great land, but we must fight to keep it.  Democrats using coronavirus to transform America into their police state must not and will not be tolerated.  We the People will push back with everything we've got.

Folks, I simply had to get my anger and frustration of Democrats banning our freedoms off my chest.  Here is my video rant.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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