Dems discovering that with sanctuary cities, what goes around...comes around

Atwater, California, has declared itself a sanctuary city — sanctuary from tyrannical government draining the lifeblood from the people.

If leftist tyrants can provide safe haven to illegal invaders, why not have sanctuary cities that protect Americans from our newly anointed dictators?

So this rural city of fewer than 30,000 people located in the center of California has decided to free itself from the suffocating chokehold of the state.  At the end of April, the City Council voted unanimously to open businesses and churches.  The Merced Sun-Star reports:

Atwater residents gave City Council a standing ovation and cheers Friday when they unanimously passed a resolution to make Atwater a sanctuary city for all businesses to open amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Paul Creighton said no city agency would enforce any of the shelter in place orders the state has imposed.  Also on board is law enforcement and the county sheriff, who will not interfere with residents going about their lives.  Local leadership and residents appear to agree that lockdowns have stripped away people's constitutional rights.

"We have to base our decisions on the Constitution," said Atwater business owner Chris Coffelt, who brought copies of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Amendments for each City Councilmember. [snip]

Councilmember Brian Raymond, who thought of the idea, recently told the Sun-Star the plan is similar to cities like Coalinga, who declared all businesses essential in defiance of the governor's four stages of reopening. But Atwater is likely the first to use the term sanctuary city in this way, he said.

The thought is that all businesses could reopen with modifications, if they so wish. Preventative safety measures would be left to the business owner and patrons' discretion. [snip]

"I get emotional on this," said Donald Covington, president of the Old Town Atwater Association. "People are starving. Two family members have two different businesses with small children and no income. We need to do this today."

Republican Kevin Cookingham, who is challenging 16th Congressional District incumbent Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno, vocalized his solidarity with Atwater.

As did Merced County Supervisor Daron McDaniel, whose district covers Atwater. "The folks in this room elected us to represent them, and our governor took that away from us," McDaniel said, thanking City Council for its "bold move."

Some county officials warned that the city is placing state funding at risk by making this decision.  But the mayor would have none of it, noting that no money would be forthcoming, anyway, in light of the state's massive budget deficit of fifty-four billion dollars.  The mayor realized they needed to "focus on saving ourselves."

Indeed, my fellow Americans.  We must save ourselves.

Hat tip: Breitbart.

Photo credit: Father of Nehrams2020.

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