Democrats hope killing the economy means an invincible voter base

In the past several weeks, Hillary Clinton and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel dusted off an oldie-but-goodie leftist Democrat mantra: "Never allow a crisis to go to waste."

Aside from being the most despicable and callous remark ever made in the face of thousands of American deaths, a devastated economy, and over 30 million lost American jobs, "never allow a crisis to go to waste" is still a prominent Democrat strategy.  This Wuhan China virus pandemic crisis may be the Dems' best chance ever.

Leftist Democrats and their drive-by media accomplices are salivating at the opportunity to turn the United States of America into a socialist third-world country.  A big part of their strategy during this crisis is to keep America on lockdown as long as possible.  Their short-term goal is to defeat President Trump this November by blaming him for the economic crash and millions of lost jobs and lives.  Their long-term goal is the ultimate prize.  Democrats hope to increase their voter base with possibly millions of people newly dependent on government assistance.

You don't have to be an economist to understand that as long as America's economy stays shut down, millions more people will lose their jobs.  Last week, another 3.17 million people filed unemployment claims, and in the seven weeks since President Trump declared a national emergency, 33.48 million people have filed for unemployment.  To put this number in shocking perspective, over the last decade, 22.13 million jobs were created, while in just seven short weeks, 33.48 million jobs have been lost.

Even with some states now beginning to ease business shutdowns and stay-at-home restrictions, most economic reports forecast grim unemployment numbers — possibly well into the summer.  Unemployment numbers like these have not been seen in America since the Great Depression, with most economists predicting that it could take years before many of those lost jobs come back, if ever.

Therein lies the insidious endgame for leftist socialist Democrats.

If Democrats can succeed in extending the great American shutdown, it will be catastrophic news for the American economy and millions of working-class citizens trying to maintain their livelihoods under these conditions.  But it will be great news for Democrats pushing their socialist agenda while promising to help those millions of suffering Americans with government assistance — including socialist ideas like universal basic income, "free" housing, and universal health care for every American citizen (and illegal alien).

If and when the Great American Lockdown does finally end and unemployment benefits run out for millions of Americans, many of those desperate souls will have no choice but to sign up for government welfare assistance to salvage what's left of their way of life and dignity.  Unfortunately, once those millions of people are on the government welfare dole for an extended period of time, looking for employment could become less of a priority than keeping their welfare benefits.

Leftist Democrats know full well that a majority of people trapped in government welfare dependence will most likely vote for any politician who promises to keep those checks and food stamps coming.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep this from happening.  Open America now, and re-elect President Donald J. Trump.  MAGA!