Democrats' 'Heroes Act' amounts to confession of their plans to exploit the pandemic and keep themselves in power forever

"Never let a crisis go to waste" is the motto of the ghouls who populate the modern Democrat party, those eager exploiters of misery.  The party that supported slavery and welfare policies that lure and trap the poor into multigenerational poverty now wants to crash the economy and impoverish a majority that they think will install and keep them in power permanently.

Now the donkeys are congratulating themselves over what they call, without a trace of irony, the "Heroes Act" (as if illegal aliens and lobbyists, among the many of their special interests that rewarded in it, are heroes).

It's all about propaganda, for Mitch McConnell has announced that it has "no chance" of passing the Senate.  The Dems want to castigate Republicans for voting against help for heroes, which makes it crucial to point out all the stink bombs lurking in the 1,800+ pages of the $3-trillion bill.

Senate Republicans are compiling the outrageous provisions of the bill, and so are others.

Last night, Tucker Carlson took six minutes to explore these and other outrages:


Tantamount to law and in fact, it has been. Just how wise is a man making these laws? Is he rooted in science? We will let you decide in just a minute. But first no matter how long these lock downs do go on we are starting to see the outlines of the damage they cause so far. A recent working paper released, and more than 40% will be gone forever and those Jobs will never come back even once all government restrictions are lifted. Now if that turns out to be true, and of course we hope it isn't, but if it is that would mean nearly 14 million Americans would be languishing in long-term unemployment. For perspective, during the Great Recession of 2008, whose effects we feel even now, job losses peaked at 10 million. So this is an unprecedented Disaster for American families. What we are living through. And it's compounding what was already there. Thanks to a series of ugly changes, many people were stuck in Jobs with lower pay and fewer benefits than the ones they lost a decade ago. Millions have no savings and are suffocating beneath the mountains of student debt and credit card debt. This was already a country with declining life expectancy and growing equality in the Coronavirus pandemic accelerated those trends. So our main job before anything else is to fix that damage. Everything depends on fixing it. So that is the sad backdrop to the House of Representatives and new 18 page Coronavirus relief bill which was released today. Anything our Congress does at the moment must first and foremost prevent ordinary people from slipping beneath the waves. In a statement today >> Nancy Pelosi assured voters that her bill come this bill, will do just that.

>> We can all agree that we can open air economy as quickly as we can but we must do so based on science and data. We must do so in a way that reaches all Americans in a way that addresses the disparities that we have seen, so that we can assess the full extent of the Coronavirus and defeat it. We all know that we must put more money in the pockets of the American people. But it is also a stimulus to the economy. Direct payments, unemployment insurance, mortgage help and food and student loan assistance among other things are essential to relieve the fear that many families are facing.

>> Tucker: Among other things, speaker Pelosi just said. What are those things? First thing to know about this bill is that it's big, maybe the biggest piece of legislation ever proposed in U.S. history. The estimated price tag for everything in this bill is $3 trillion which is close to 90% of the nation's entire annual tax revenue. Keep in mind that key comes close on the heels of the last Coronavirus relief bill which cost about $2 trillion. Of course our usual annual spending is there. Altogether that's an awful lot of expenses and everything will dollar will have to be borrowed because there aren't any left. When the smoke has cleared from all of the spending, only China will have bailed us out. China has the strongest balance sheet in the world. At that point, it will be there vessels. We spend all day reading Pelosi's bill to find out. Too few have done that, we did. Here's what we found. First and most glaringly relink the last thing we need is more illegal low-wage of what labor from abroad. But this goes out of the way to supply illegal immigrants with billions of taxpayer dollars. According to House Democrats, illegal immigrants must have a right to have the $1200 checks that American citizens received in the last bill. They also received the same direct payments as American citizens going forward. That's a group that's not even allowed to be here. And then the bill contains an amnesty provision for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis. That's something we would like to cease extended a very long time, all illegal immigrants employed in so-called essential services would be shifted from deportation. Their employer would be shielded, too. People who hire illegal aliens would not be prosecuted. They are critical to providing medical care for the rest of us. Current essential workers as they are defined in this bill is in fact an enormous category that spans almost every part of the American economy. It includes employees in food services, laundry, waste management, child care, agriculture and restaurants. As well as any retail worker in America who works at a location that sells food or beverages. This is a blanket amnesty for virtually every illegal alien who has already taken an American job and once the amnesty is granted it will never be taken away. That on that, no matter what they tell you. Anyone who lives in Washington can confirm that. Once past, it's not going away. At that point there will be no more debate about illegal immigration and the issue will be settled permanently. Democrats will win every presidential election for the rest of your life, the rest of your children's lives and that's the point of this. But the bill keeps going from there. The bill would extend current Visas and the Democrats could call this bill the heroes act. They are telling you it will help health care workers. As of tonight thousands of American health care workers are being furloughed from their Jobs or fired entirely. This bill remarkably orders DHS to expedite Visa processing for foreigners who want to come to the U.S. And W health care. Got that? American health care workers laid off and now they could be replaced by foreigners willing to work for less. We don't have to guess if that will happen, it's happened throughout American industries. Under this bill it would happen to our health care systems as well. Sorry unemployed Americans, better get used to drawing a government check. Then there is a long section in this legislation about drugs, the bill is strongly in favor of drugs probably because when you are high you are less likely to think or worry about what else is in the bill. The bill mentions cannabis 68 times. In order for the federal government to produce an annual report, expanding access to financial services for minority owned and cannabis owned majority businesses. People are calling you a racist and, it orders all federal agencies to the greatest extent possible to hold deposits in minority owned banks. Okay, fine. But what is the pandemic and our response to it have to do with race Politics? Stupid question. The Democratic Party will comic party, everything has to do with race Politics all the time. It's a primary way they get and keep power. Race Politics is the only program they have come up with more crime and increased censorship. That also contains prison break provision. This bill would order the release of every federal prisoner who has asthma, diabetes or is over 50 years of age, unless the bureau of prisons affirmatively proves inmate in question is proven to commit violence against a specific person. And here is the censorship part. It's part of a growing and ominous theme in that direction, the theme will prevent you from saying or believing what you like. This bill directs millions of dollars to the national science foundation to study the Coronavirus "Misinformation" we shouldn't be allowed. In other words shut up and stop disagree with our announcements. That's a message that it sends. But for the favored few, the Democratic Party's donor class, the bill is far more gentle. This bill would repeal the cap on state and local tax deductions. That would help almost exclusively high income neighborhoods in overtaxed blue states. Why is that significant? That's a beating heart of the democratic electorate. This is a payoff to them. Amazingly, you can't make this up. This is a very different kind of hero. He would make lobbying shops in Washington, D.C., and wrote this thing? Probably not scientists. Lobbyists and ideologues wrote it, the same people who control the Democratic Party. The same people who won't badly want to control this country. We are happy to have you here tonight. This is one of those documents that as she read through it your eyes widen and you think, this can't be real. Maybe your only advantages

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