Democrats end democracy amid COVID-19

While most everyone was worried about their safety or liberty, the Democrats of Illinois were making certain that the people of Illinois had neither.  As were the Democrats of Nevada and New York and California.  Using COVID-19 as an excuse, Democrats shut down their economies and public services and, just in case the people didn't like it, that pesky Democracy, too.

In Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker blocked the collection of petition signatures.  Of course, the state Legislature went on recess, so even if enough signatures had been collected for a ballot initiative, the Legislature would have been unable to put it on the ballot.  No anti-gerrymandering amendment for Illinois this year, not that our Democrat masters would have allowed it onto our ballots.

Pritzker's shutdown has hindered efforts to educate the public about his formerly "fair tax" amendment — formerly, because the revisions to the amendment became so egregious that "fair" had to be removed from the wording.  Many organizations planned summer blitzes to get the word out, against hundreds of millions of dollars of propaganda coming from Pritzker's offshore (Bahamian) tax shelters.  That effort is now going 100% electronic, but while people still answer their doors, they have grown accustomed to hanging up phones.  In my own experience, I can reach 20 people an hour by door-knocking but only a few on the phones.  Nothing compares to rallies at train stations, booths at markets and events, and tables outside retailers, but Pritzker is threatening to keep things locked down — no knocking, no markets, no fairs, hindering political activity until after the election.

In Nevada, a recall effort against an abusive Governor Sisolak started in mid-February.  The recall effort was previously hindered by Sisolak's bureaucracies moving goalposts and changing the recall rules.  The people of Nevada thought they had a recall, but it seems that governors can drag it out indefinitely or change the rules to make it near impossible.  COVID-19 has given them a new power.  Thanks to Sisolak's "stay at home" order, the normal methods of collecting signatures went right out the window.  People must now become aware of the recall effort on their own and then actively find petition drive-in locations at which to sign.

The recall effort gets only one shot, after which Sisolak cannot be recalled.  There is a petition on to recall Sisolak after the shutdown ends, but the organizers of that petition and its 1,700 signers obviously have no idea that after May 14, when the current effort fails for lack of signatures, Sisolak will be immunized against recall.  No do-overs, no second takes, unless it goes to Nevada's Supreme Court and they decide that Sisolak's executive orders had an undue influence on his recall and give the effort a mulligan.  It will be time for another election by then.

Sisolak deserves to be removed.  I have it on good authority that ABC News is sitting on a story about Sisolak threatening to see Angela Blass, the recall organizer, in jail.  As I heard, eyewitness testimony isn't good enough, and there is confusion over who will be visiting whom.

The recall efforts against California's Governor Newsom have met pretty much the same fate as those against Sisolak.  But not just Newsom.  There were also recall efforts against other California officials, such as two councilmen in Oceanside.  Propositions, a staple of Californian politics, are doomed this year.

Everyone knows that New York tried to cancel its primary, shutting out Bernie and giving all of its delegates to Joe Biden.  Not only did the incompetent dictator of New York issue such unlawful edicts (the Court ordered the primary held), but he shut down and overloaded the courts, making it difficult to challenge his dictates.

And the coup de grâce: Democrats and their left-leaning advocacy groups are now advocating mandatory, organized election fraud in the form of vote-by-mail ballot-harvesting and other election changes.  The leftist advocacy group William J. Brennan Center for Justice is advocating various "COVID-19 election resiliency measures" that are certain to make elections more fraud-prone.  The blatantly leftist, Clinton-connected organization Dēmos (not to be confused with demons) is advocating a massive mail-in fraud effort, and former Clinton lawyers are suing states to force them to mail out ballots, whether they are requested or not, ripe for harvesting.

But it might be too late for Illinois.  Our primary went horribly wrong.  In Cook County, compared to 942,000 Democrats showing up to vote, only 77,000 Republicans bothered to.  Compare those totals to 1,184,000 Dems and 313,000 Republicans in 2016.  According to some election judges and poll-watchers, it was a Republican ghost town.  People still came out to vote on March 17, three days before Pritzker's March 20 "stay at home" order, but it was Democratic ballot after Democratic ballot.  Perhaps it was due to exodus, or perhaps it was Operation Chaos 2020, but Republican votes in the Republican primary were horrendously low — so low that Democrats, ordered by Mike Madigan to infiltrate the Republican primary, may have chosen the Republican candidates for Cook County State's Attorney and for the U.S. Senate.

As a final note, I want to emphasize that these anti-democracy Democrats are the power-holding, elected (or election frauded) Democrats, not the people who vote Democrat.  Pritzker's formerly "fair tax" loses instantly among most Democrats who hear about it.  Very, very few in Illinois trust Springfield enough to give it carte blanche over their taxes.  Sisolak's abuses have enraged Republicans, Democrats and independents; an equal opportunity offender.  Newsom has shown a tone deafness and incompetence that has likewise enraged both sides of the aisle.  And Cuomo!  All the New Yorkers I know, when did you guys start tolerating that level of incompetence?  Help the man find the door, already.

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