Churches in the vanguard of liberty

In these surreal and shocking times, when the experts' recommendation for a couple of weeks of mitigation turned into months and tyrants came out of the woodwork, churches are taking a stand and putting everything on the line. In California, 1,200 pastors have announced that they will defy a state order and resume services.  In Minnesota, Protestant and Catholic churches have announced their defiance: Roman Catholic and Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregations across Minnesota plan to resume worship services on Tuesday in defiance of Governor Tim Walz's order.  The leaders said at a news conference that the ongoing restrictions are an unconstitutional violation of their churches' religious freedom, given that bars, restaurants, shopping malls and tattoo parlors are now being allowed to reopen. They said they shut down voluntarily in the early days of crisis but that executive orders now prevent them from holding in-person...(Read Full Post)
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