Blue suicide: Dem governors will pay a huge price in November for unnecessarily long lockdowns


Some of the most populous states in the country — blue states dominated by Democrats — plan to continue the economic carnage of full lockdowns for a long, long time.  Gavin Newsom of California promises no return to normal until a vaccine is developed, which could be never, or two years if the average length of development timetable applies.  In the meantime, small businesses will be wiped out, middle-class savings exhausted, and huge numbers of citizens will be driven into poverty and dependence on government handouts.

Apparently, the political theory is that poor people support Democrats at the polls, so impoverishing most people means permanent majorities keeping them in power.

Meanwhile, some red states like South Dakota and Wyoming never locked down their entire states, while others are now reopening step by step.  Overseas, Sweden never locked down, and now Germany is planning to return its society and economy to normal in a methodical fashion, including reopening schools.  Other countries like Australia are also loosening up, step by step.

In the nearly half-year between now and the time the country goes to the polls, blue-state voters are going to wonder why they should be imprisoned at home, their children out of schools, and their finances depleted while elsewhere in the country it is still the land of the free.  Already, there have been protests in Michigan and elsewhere, demanding loosening of restrictions, and more are planned in blue states like New Jersey.  

Republican Senator Pat Toomey of purple-state Pennsylvania agrees with me that American political leaders are "overstating the danger."

I think the Democrat governors are making a very bad bet.  Maybe South Dakota and Wyoming will become hot spots of infections, but in the meantime, the carnage of suicide, delayed medical treatments, domestic violence, and diseases of poverty will multiply in blue states.

My guess is that as this process continues further, blue states will reconsider.  Maybe they will do so in time for economic redemption, but if not, they are in for big trouble at the polls.

Graphic credit: Pixabay.