'Blood on his hands' — Andrew Cuomo admits forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, refuses to take blame

New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his political allies were quick to declare that President Trump had "blood on his hands" based on the state's failure to prepare supplies for the coronavirus pandemic. It now comes to light that the bloody hands were Cuomo's. It's not just that the subways were continuously running packed, or New York City's schools took a long time to shut, or city officials were busy going to the gym, if not encouraging people to attend those Chinatown parades, the better to Get Trump. The worst of it was from the death toll coming out of New York City's nursing homes, where a disproportionate percent of New York's humongous death toll occurred.  Not only were the nursing homes with the city's most vulnerable residents not so much as basically protected, but they were positively seeded with COVID-19 patients, rolling in from the hospitals, forced into...(Read Full Post)
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