Biden, who told coal miners to 'learn to code,' can't quite figure out how to use Zoom

From his lockdown redoubt, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a "virtual" campaign rally another go — and it was a disaster. Here's Tucker Carlson on Fox News, with some eye-rolling disgust not so much at Biden's general leftwingery, but at his failure to muster any basic technical prowess: We see Biden flopping around, wondering if he was on camera, and generally not getting the gist of how Zoom, or whatever program it was he was using, works.  "They introduced me? Am I on?" Biden asked someone off-screen as he approached the camera, taking off a pair of dark aviator sunglasses. "Good evening, thanks so much for tuning in. I wish we could have done this together and it [had] gone a little more smoothly but I'm grateful we're able to connect virtually and thank you..." Biden continued before his audio feed became unintelligible mid-sentence. The audio and video problems...(Read Full Post)
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