Beware the elusive vaccine

Life will never return to normal until we have The Vaccine.  So say the experts, with Tony Fauci leading the charge.  (That fact alone should give anyone pause.) There are multiple problems with respect to a coronavirus vaccine.  (Full disclosure: I'm not an anti-vaxxer). First, coronaviruses have been around for a long time, yet we've never been able to develop a vaccine for any of them.  Why should this go-'round be at all different?  So when we hear Fauci be confident we'll have a vaccine (and by early next year, no less), I have to wonder. Then there are concerns about efficacy. Since the "experts" continue to say we don't know how long people who have antibodies will be immune to the virus, the same uncertainty would apply to antibody response to a vaccine (here, here, here, here). In addition, if seasonal flu vaccines are any guide, efficacy could range from...(Read Full Post)
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