Barry Farber, conservative talk radio pioneer and author, passes away a day after his 90th birthday

Barry Farber, an original pioneer of talk radio who shared his intelligent conservatism with untold millions of listeners during a career in broadcasting that spanned 60 years, has passed away.  One day after his 90th birthday on Tuesday, Farber died peacefully at home in New York City, with members of his family at his bedside.  On Tuesday, a live program celebrating Farber's birthday was on in his time slot, featuring his younger brother Jerry, his two daughters Celia and Bibi, and his producer Dahlia Weinstein.  During the program, Barry Farber took the mic briefly and spoke his last words that would ever be broadcast. In 2009, Talkers Magazine placed Farber at number nine on its list of the most influential talk show hosts in American history.  In 2014, he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  In 1960, 28 years prior to the arrival of Rush Limbaugh on national radio and more than...(Read Full Post)
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