AP revises its stylebook to outlaw the use of the word ‘mistress.’ Hilarity ensues

When it comes to dictating how the news shall be presented to the American public, the Associated Press stylebook plays a key role, and has for many decades.  Among other functions, it tells reporters and their editors which terms are to be preferred and which are verboten in describing phenomena. The word “Negro” was long ago banned, for instance, reflecting evolving fashion.

But now that the AP has become weaponized as a tool of the progressive movement, it is also a reliable guide to political correctness.  Discarding “illegal immigrant” in favor of “undocumented immigrant,” for instance.

The 55th edition of the Stylebook is about to be published in late June, reflecting not just the latest fads and fashion, but perhaps with an eye toward whose political ox could be gored by certain popular expressions.  

On Friday, the AP suddenly announced that the word “mistress” is doubleplusungood.



Professor Margot Cleveland quickly and brilliantly figured out why this change was announced now:



I think she is correct. With Biden pledged to take a woman as his veep nominee and the energizing black turnout the key to success, a mere white woman is not sufficient. Sorry, Senator Klobuchar. Despite all her self-promotion, Stacey Abrams, who has never held federal office and who can’t even manage her personal finances, is out of the question. So, for all her many faults, she looks like having the best odds. At least thatis the contingency that the Associated press is preparing for.

Of course, there are other alternatives available:



Hat tip: Ed Driscoll, Instapundit

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