Another liar: Transcripts show Vindman, too, said one thing in public and another thing under oath

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the insufferably pompous impeachment witness against President Trump who was billed as Mr. Straight-Arrow, and wore his medalled military uniform to congressional hearings to get the point across, has been, like former Defense department official Evelyn Farkas, caught declaring one thing for the cameras, and another thing in secret testimony under penalty of perjury.

According to Breitbart News:

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman admitted he made up elements of President Donald Trump’s call with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an official summary.

Prior to the call, Vindman included a discussion about corruption in the talking points provided to the president but Trump did not use them in the call.


But Vindman clarified during his testimony that the president did not bring up the topic rooting out corruption during the phone call, but he included it in his summary of the call anyway.

When asked by the Democrat counsel about whether the summary he wrote was false, Vindman hesitated.

Which meant he shouldn't have included them. If Trump said it, sure, put it in. If he didn't, don't put it in. Anything else is fiction. This isn't complicated.

Here's Don Trump Jr.'s scorn:



Vindman later spuriously clarified that he had put the talking points in because they were 'U.S. policy'-- as if that were something President Trump were entirely foreign to. It rather recalls his Ukraine congressional testimony during impeachment in which he justified his arguments against Trump as not following foreign policy, too -- (as he incidentally determined it).

Which comes off as pretty darn obnoxious for a guy hailed in the lefist press as a classic American military hero. Don Trump Jr. definitely noticed:



And remember all the slavering praise Vindman got? Here's one element from a selection of letters cherrypicked and published by the New York Times read:

Here is the epitome of public service, a person who knows what truth, honor and duty mean and why they matter. This is what patriotism looks like, what courage consists of, what a hero is. Colonel Vindman continues his work of defending and protecting our nation. His example gives the inspiration we need. His action renews our faith that one person can make a difference, that sunlight will break the darkness. Thank you, sir.

There also were pious pompous stunts on his behalf, lapped up by the press:

More than 1,000 military veterans have criticised Donald Trump for his attacks on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, saying the president “has prioritised a personal vendetta over our national security”.

President Trump fired Lt. Col. Vindman from the National Security Council after being acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial. He was one of the key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry, along with ambassador to the EU Gordon Sonland, whom the administration has also fired.

In an open letter, the veterans write that the president’s dismissal of Lt. Col. Vindman is an assault on the military and all who have served in it, as well as on the foundation of the US itself.

A guy like that who throws stones at the president seems to have a pretty slack standard for truth for himself, even on seemingly small matters. Apparently, it's O.K. if he does it, because he sets foreign policy. Trump, by contrast, is just this supplicant, subservient to the deep state in Vindman's view. 

That's not how things go in normal-world. Trump is the commander in chief, and Vindman is an insubordinate subordinate with a penchant for slanting the truth. He was too smart to do it under oath, which would have exposed him to perjury charges, but he was perfectly happy to put it in a memo, the better to Get Trump.

It all boils down to yet another one like Farkas, being exposed to saying one thing in public to sway the public and another thing under oath. Call him the male Evelyn Farkas, except that there are probably a lot like him out there.

There's probably nothing to stop him now, but it doesn't mean there shouldn't be. The constant lies at odd with sworn testimony from the same people is clearly a bid to sway public opinion against Trump.  This is getting to be an Obama administration pattern. 


Image credit: PBS, via YouTube, screen shot, detail, enhanced

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