Against heavy odds, Trump rises 6 points in two weeks, according to Gallup poll

His face showing the strains of office, President Trump has obviously been on the job in the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently the voters have noticed, and Fox News reports that Trump is rising with voters: President Trump’s job approval soared 6 points in the last two weeks, according to the latest Gallup poll. The new survey found 49 percent approve of the president’s job in office and 47 percent disapprove, a personal best with Gallup for Trump. Two weeks ago, 43 percent approved of the president’s job, according to the pollster. Trump also had a 49 percent approval rating in mid-March, according to Gallup, before his rating took a 6-point plunge in the first half of April. For us, that's reason for 'cautious optimism' as the market guys like to say. Or better still 'the trend is your friend.' It comes against so many external negatives that would otherwise sink any other politician. First, the economy is shut...(Read Full Post)
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