A word about Republican loyalty

Good people who love our country are frustrated with Trump for not publicly pushing back against Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.  Folks, I know that Trump is doing his best to reopen America despite tremendous pressure against reopening by Democrats and fake news media propagandists.

Ponder this coronavirus crisis without Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office.  Unequipped to handle being ripped to pieces by media, a typical Republican president would surrender to keeping our country locked down indefinitely.  A Democrat president would use the coronavirus to become America's first communist dictator, abandoning the Constitution forever.  I am extremely grateful that we have President Trump.

It is wise to refrain from publicly criticizing Trump because Democrats and fake news media arrogantly and blatantly lie about everything.  They will spin the slightest crumb of criticism to claim that Trump-supporters are abandoning him in droves, finally facing the truth that Trump is racist, crazy, and dangerous and must be removed.

In my years, in the political arena, I dislike the disloyalty I've witnessed on our side.  Democrat politicians behave like scum of the earth, lying and making outrageously stupid and mean statements.  And yet, fellow Democrats back them up 100%, never publicly criticizing them.

Democrats get away with spreading irresponsible hate-generating lies such as these: black Michael Brown was murdered by a racist white cop, the Tea Party wants to see blacks hanging from trees, and Republicans want black Americans dead.  I still cannot believe that Democrats got away with marching down a New York street chanting, "What do we want?  Dead cops!  When do we want it?  Now!"  Fake news media award these hate-filled, wicked people gold stars, claiming they have superior compassion and are unifying Americans.

Fake news media protects Democrats, falsely portraying them as paragons of compassion and our intellectual superiors. Every move Obama made was reported as brilliant. Everything Trump says and does is reported as stupid, racist, cruel, and impeachable.

Our side tends to expect our candidates to say and do everything perfectly.  Whenever one of our Republican fighters displays his humanity by making a mistake, RINOs and some conservatives run to microphones to join fake news media's crucifixion.  Republicans back away so that none of the excrement thrown at the targeted Republican lands on them.  I saw this happen to Sarah Palin, the highly successful former Alaska governor and Republican presidential V.P. nominee.

I still remember Palin's electrifying, upbeat speech when she accepted John McCain's offer to run as his V.P.  Our base was blown away with excitement.  Finally, we had a bright and courageous candidate willing to fight for traditional American values and the Constitution.  Awesome!

Instantaneously, Democrats and fake news media launched Operation Destroy Sarah Palin.  They went scorched-earth attacking Palin, vilifying her husband and her kids (including her Down syndrome toddler son).

Over time, I heard conservatives and Republicans say Palin is an airhead whom we must dump because media made her toxic.  Disgusted, I thought, "So this is how we treat our brave warriors."  For years, you guys sang the song, "I Need a Hero."  But whenever a Republican hero comes along and cannot walk on water, you abandon him.

I am not saying we should become brain-dead-zombies, 100% approving everything Trump says and does.  I am saying we must realize the unprecedented unfair arena in which Trump must do battle to save our country.

When a Republican joined leftists to say Trump is too thin-skinned and should stop tweeting, I thought, "Dude, are you kidding me?  Do you still not understand what this man is up against?"  I doubt if anyone can imagine what it is like to endure the vitriolic hate and full weight of fake news media pressed upon you and your family 24/7.

Recent declassified impeachment hearing transcripts confirm that Obama, the FBI, the DoJ, and co-conspirators in fake news media conspired to illegally remove Trump from office.  Since his election, the media continue to promote lies about Trump all day, every day.  Tweeting is one of Trump's most effective tools to fight misinformation and get truth to the American people.

While tweeting and calling out deranged reporters may not appear presidential, desperate times require desperate measures.  In battle, the aggressor sets the rules of engagement.  Folks, pushback ain't pretty.

My buddy Mitchell has repeatedly told me, "Trump is a former New Yorker like me."  With great pride and gusto, Mitchell proclaims, "We New Yorkers are brawlers."

Thank God that we have a brawler in the White House who is firmly committed to making America great again, again!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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