You can't go 'topless' once they open the beaches

How about a post that has nothing to do with the coronavirus or President Trump?

My friend in Maryland called to check on us and related a funny story.  This is from the Baltimore Sun:

Ocean City can ban women from going topless in public, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

Judge James Bredar noted in his ruling that the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently maintained that physical differences between men and women provide a constitutionally sound basis for laws that treat men and women differently.

Bredar also determined that protecting the public sensibilities from the public display of areas of the body traditionally viewed as erogenous zones, including female, but not male, breasts, is an important government objective.

"Whether or not society should differentiate between male and female breasts is a separate inquiry from whether it is constitutional to do so," wrote Bredar, adding that the beach town's ban on female toplessness is substantially related to protecting the public sensibilities.

Nice to hear that there is a judge with a little common sense — a judge who thinks men and women are physically different.

Judge Bredar's common sense is welcomed.  Of course, the beaches are closed right now, so let's see if anyone challenges the opinion.

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