With Biden flailing, is Michelle Obama going to take his place?

The news is suddenly awash in reports that, on May 6, Netflix and the Barack and Michelle Obama production company will premiere a documentary about the book tour Michelle Obama did in connection with her memoir.  Both the memoir and the documentary are entitled Becoming.  What's interesting is that this premiere is a surprise: Michelle Obama 'Becoming' documentary is a surprise new Netflix release [snip] "Those months I spent traveling — meeting and connecting with people in cities across the globe — drove home the idea that what we have in common is deep and real and can't be messed with," she wrote in Monday's press release announcing the documentary. "In talking about the idea of 'becoming,' many of us dared to say our hopes out loud. I treasure the memories and that sense of connection now more than ever as we struggle together to weather this pandemic, as we care for our loved...(Read Full Post)
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