With Bernie Sanders out of the way, Joe Biden gets underfoot

With Bernie Sanders out of the way, quite likely paid off in some way to exit by the Democratic powers-that-be, addled Joe Biden's got the Democratic nomination in the bag.

He's not all there, but his steady organizational strength, built on old Obama administration operatives, is fine with that. 

And with nothing to talk about to voters except the coronavirus crisis from China, the Biden Democratic machine is in action.

Problem: It's creating issues.  And Joe is getting underfoot.

Here's the New York Post from a couple of days ago:

In the email obtained by The Post, Biden's political chief of staff Stacy Eichner told state officials that the former veep's presidential campaign had received a "significant number of offers" from organizations and people eager to offer resources.

"In this moment of national emergency, we are eager to connect those offering help with those in need of it — we would like to provide these individuals and organizations with a way to reach your offices directly," Eichner wrote, asking each office to assign a contact person if they were interested.

But a senior adviser in one governor's office who received the email said the Biden campaign was making their jobs "really difficult" by operating outside of the federal process and by refusing to engage with the administration's efforts.

"It actually makes our job harder. We have a process in place for deploying and acquiring resources, as well as engaging in missions," the source said.

Offering special goodies to certain governors, undoubtedly in exchange for political support, stinks of cronyism on its face.  It also raises questions as to why he's got these people tying their help to putting his name on it instead of just pitching in.

According to the Post, that's actually creating problems for the governors, who must work with the federal government to get through the crisis, yet they now have to fend off Joe's probable horse-trading offers, too.

Biden is trying to play president here, doling the goodies as if he were Trump, a parallel president, but for his Democratic counterparts, this isn't time to play political games.  They have a deadly serious mission to execute, and they already have a process with the feds for getting the job done.

This isn't making him popular; it's making him...in the way.

Breitbart's John Nolte points out now that Biden's unsolicited offerings to the governors seem to be following a pattern of political cronyism:

What in the world is going on here?

Why are businesses friendly with Joe Biden offering Joe Biden these resources instead of offering them directly to the government?

And why in heaven's name is Joe Biden playing along?

Why is Biden not telling these companies: What the hell's the matter with you?  This is no time for partisan politics, and if you're not offering this stuff to the government in the next five minutes I'm releasing your names to the media. We're in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying. And you're playing politics? You seriously think it would look good for me to play shipping clerk, to slow this entire process down, to muddy the waters in this way while a thousand Americans die every day? Are you out of your minds? You got five minutes, pal. Five.

In addition: If this is the way Joe Biden doles out disaster aid in a pandemic, aid in exchange for political favors, you wouldn't want to be in a red state with a red governor.  Can you imagine how he'd dole out disaster aid?  It would all be based on who voted for him.

It shows how lost and wretched this longtime political swamp thing is — he can't even think about helping in a pandemic without first planning out what's in it for him.

He's gotten underfoot.  He's going where he's not wanted and playing politics where it's not needed, something only a swamp thing could do without blinking.

Any questions as to why Joe Biden ranks at rock bottom from voters on coronavirus leadership?  That's exactly what John Solomon's JustTheNews.com site reported, citing a Rasmussen poll:

In a warning sign for Joe Biden, the former vice president finished near the bottom of a survey of American voters looking at which Democratic leaders have shown leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Just 6% of Americans surveyed ranked Biden, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, as the top Democratic official for coronavirus leadership, compared to 30% for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, 12% for California Gov. Gavin Newsom, 9% for Biden's main primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and 7% for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Joe's little demo of his own leadership is bound to backfire.

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