Why no official talk of the lost lives from the economic shutdown?

There are a lot of ways people die.  The daily coronavirus task force briefings need to reflect this fact, instead of what has become a narrowly contrived focus on the coronavirus.  Because, in addition to an array of health problems that can kill a person, the effect of the shutdown is going to cause a lot of mortality as well. Betsy McCaughey, chairwoman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, former lieutenant governor of New York, and outspoken critic of Obamacare, is raising the alarm about the cure being worse than the disease.  She's got hard numbers to support tragic facts.  Her recent piece in the New York Post has the following headline: "We must count the deaths from shutdowns as well as from coronavirus." Task force briefing (White House file photo). Noted below are salient points excerpted and summarized from the article, which cites trusted sources. Predictions for unemployment...(Read Full Post)
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