WHO changes course

It was just a few weeks ago that the World Health Organization, in its inimitable wisdom, recommended forceful removal of infected people from their residences to be put into "dignified" isolation. You know.  China style. First, shove all the people into their homes so family members can infect one another (an approach embraced by most of the West).  Then remove family members who become sick and relocate them elsewhere. Oh, the dignity of it all. Now the WHO has changed course and is praising Sweden's approach.  As readers are no doubt aware, Sweden has had social distancing in place without enforcement, while keeping its economy open.  The Swedes seem to be achieving herd immunity without causing economic collapse. In light of the WHO's collusion with China, its lying and deceit, its belated and unhelpful recommendations to the world, and its crappy tests, anyone who takes this organizations...(Read Full Post)
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