What's the Chance Coronavirus Will Kill You (or Me)?

I'm a male pushing 70, and I would prefer that the Coronavirus not kill me (God will take care of that soon enough). So what do we know about the pathogenesis of Coronavirus and its lethality? Coronavirus is a family of constantly changing viruses that can cause a variety of illnesses ranging from the common cold to a very severe flu-like disease.  Although it is not itself an influenza virus, the disease it causes cannot be distinguished from influenza without testing in the lab ( a case of parallel evolution?). Like most viruses, it is constantly mutating and trying out new variations.  If the new mutation only results in a common cold-like illness, no one will notice it.  But if it causes a fatal illness, then it will rapidly come to people's attention.  Since the first victims we learn about are those who are severely ill (including many deaths), it initially appears that the virus is catastrophically lethal.  Almost always, though, that...(Read Full Post)
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