What we, the people, learned thanks to the coronavirus

What have we learned from coronavirus? We learned that walls work. We learned that the open borders idée fixe has tumbled on both sides of the Atlantic in just about a month or so, besides the fact that the run-up to the destructive open borders strategy had been going on for decades. We learned that we are facing digital Easter, digital Passover, digital this, and digital that everywhere.  Surprisingly, all of this because of the number of infected in the United States has reached "catastrophic" 0.1% of the entire population.  (For comparison, seasonal flu affects about 20% or more of the population.) We learned that much of the internal workings of our society are hidden.  For example, doctors were not allowed to prescribe an anti-malarial drug to treat coronavirus patients until the FDA approved.  It certainly looks as though our doctors were one of the first to lose their freedom to the FDA, who has been...(Read Full Post)
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