Virginia wants to allow COVID-19 research with aborted fetal tissue

Last year around this time, Virginia governor Ralph Northam (D) was fighting for his political life due to his blackface yearbook photo and casual endorsement of infanticide.  In addition, his lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax (D), was defending himself against credible accusations of rape while a separate blackface incident had tarnished Attorney General Mark Herring (D).  The future of all three was in doubt, so each kept a low public profile most of 2019.  

A year later, the political future of these three tarnished leaders shines brightly because in January 2020, the newly blue Virginia Assembly and Senate took full control.  Suddenly, they were needed again to help pass the radical leftist agenda pushed by the new delegates.  So far, they are succeeding in fundamentally transforming once conservative Virginia into California rather than nearby left-leaning Maryland. 

Then along came the coronavirus pandemic.  Northam immediately decreed that abortion facilities are essential, while other medical facilities, including my dentist, family doctor, and urologist, have all had their operations severely limited.  

Yet another pro-abortion move was revealed in an April 21, 2020 newsletter from Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia.  In it she announced that "Virginia's Attorney General, Mark Herring, signed onto a letter with other state Attorneys General urging the FDA to allow telemed abortions so women in Virginia could get abortion drugs without even leaving their couch."   

Coincidentally, Virginia's state-run liquor stores were also considered essential and permitted to offer similar online ordering.  Booze sales are up significantly.  I sense that a strong correlation may exist between the easier access to alcohol and the need for easier access to abortion drugs. 

Victoria Cobb continued: "Herring also signed onto a similar letter with 14 other Attorneys General asking the federal government to allow tissue from aborted babies to be used in research for a vaccine for COVID-19!  Read the letter here."

The Dems are obviously eager to find ways to justify abortions so legalizing the harvesting of dead baby body parts in the process to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 presents an opportunity to make it appear more compassionate.  Expectant moms will then feel as if they are helping to save lives by sacrificing a tiny life that seems so insignificant, is unwanted, and could cramp their lifestyles. 

However, development of a vaccine for COVID-19 or other coronavirus strains is not dependent on the use of fetal tissue, nor is the lack of it restricting its development.  A Live Action article, "The truth about COVID-19 vaccines, cells from aborted children, and 'fetal tissue' research," goes into more detail.

Although these two pro-abortion letters were delivered to the White House, it does not mean they are a done deal.  However, they do reveal the direction the nation will go should Trump fail in November.

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