Venezuelan navy launches attack on tourist cruise ship, cruise ship wins

Late stage socialism has some pretty clownishly weird stuff on offer but can't say I've ever seen anything like this:

According to the BBC:

A Venezuelan navy coastal patrol boat sank in the Caribbean after allegedly ramming a cruise ship that it had ordered to change direction.

The owners of the Portuguese-flagged RCGS Resolute said the naval vessel Naiguata also fired shots in an "act of aggression in international waters”.

The collision left the cruise ship, which has a reinforced hull for sailing in icy waters, with only minor damage.

Venezuela accused the Resolute of an act of "aggression and piracy".

It also said it "did not rule out" that the cruise ship "was transporting mercenaries to attack military bases in Venezuela".

So here we have a show of military might from the brave and ready chavista Venezuelan government, whose leader has just been declared by the U.S. to be a drug dealer and put on a special "Noriega" list, probably getting ready for his close-up against some loud tapes playing Linda Ronstadt's "You're No Good," and they decided to put on a show of military force to teach gringo or something.

But instead of attacking a U.S. Navy warship, several of which have been dispatched by President Trump to the Venezuelan coast two days ago, loaded with surveillance aircraft and special forces teams, they went after a ... cruise ship, which might have been loaded with big German tourists sipping pina coladas, but in this case wasn't.

Here it is, from the Columbia Cruise Services web site:

Image credit: Columbia Cruise Services // fair use

It was a midnight attack, according to the Hamburg-based cruise line, so they probably wanted to steal it, given that they ordered the ship, in international waters no less, to head to now-hellhole Isla Margarita, where the locals once tried to beat Maduro to death and have had government funds cut off ever since. Pirates do sneak attacks at midnight.

Innocent of any knowledge that the cruise ship was equipped with reinforced hulls built for Arctic travel and its captain probably the nautical equivalent of an ice road trucker, all they managed to do was sink themselves while the big clunky unarmed floating tourist resort carried on with minor scrapes, wondering what that local talent incident was all about.

That's some show of force ahead of the U.S. Navy's warship "tour" of the area. That's some show of Venezuelan military readiness. Heck, it's some show of military judgment. They attacked an unarmed cruise ship, built for tourist travel ... and the cruise ship won.

The cruise ship even tried to contact the pitiful Chavista pudknockers to rescue them from their own idiocy in the water, but couldn't reach them, so odds are, they went down to Davy Jones' locker, although the Chavistas claim otherwise. Now they're yelling that the cruise ship was the real pirate and engaged in "aggression" in typical leftist projections.

This incident is so scorn-inducing  one imagines will make it to maybe Hannity or Tucker Carlson on Fox News tonight, but it's actually socialism as it reaches Greg Gutfield territory. You can't find bigger clowns pulling a stunt this stupid, not even in cartoons.

One can only wonder what the U.S. sailors think as they make their way to the Venezuelan coast for a look-see. 

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