Trying to understand the latest weird communist coronavirus directive from a state governor

Call me misinformed, but I was under the impression that when it comes to law, rules, and regulations, it all comes down to wording, interpretation, and enforcement.  Recently, a flurry of state and federal directives have been issued due to the so called "novel coronavirus pandemic." Pennsylvania has been aggressive in closing what it considers "non-essential businesses." It also issued stay-at-home orders for most of its citizens.  Even the electronic signs on the roadways announce, "Stay home."  It may require litigation to determine the federal or state constitutionality of such orders.  A.G. Bill Barr recently suggested there may be federal constitutional issues with some of these orders due to their sweeping nature and conflict with civil liberties. The specific orders issued by Rachel Levine, M.D., secretary of Pennsylvania's Department of Health, were based on COVID-19 being considered a threat to...(Read Full Post)
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