Trump taken hostage by the public health fear-mongers

A week ago, I was convinced that President Trump knew the perils of shutting down the economy to enable a specious and the dubious public health mandate to arrest CCP COVID-19. Now I'm not sure. He has been taken hostage by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who wonders why there isn't a 50-state stay-at-home lockdown, who says assaying the immune population is a secondary concern, and insists that the economic lockdown can only be lifted once there are no new cases and no new deaths. Dr. Fauci's Rx — more aptly ransom demand — is an economic nuclear winter.  Thanks a lot.  How about a spoonful of hemlock to leave no doubts? And now Dr. Deborah Birx continues to project deaths of 100,000 to 200,000 while she admits that she is missing 50% of the underlying baseline data, and she cheerleads the march to the gallows. The apocalyptic public health forecasts are the centerpiece of President Trump's daily briefings.  Yet since Trump...(Read Full Post)
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